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Headphones and earphones have now become essential daily gear to connect to music more than ever and with smartphones becoming increasingly more integrated with our lives, we tend to shut off the outside world. Not something you want if you are outside on the streets but with the iASUS EAR3 you can “street smart” your headphones to allow you to know what’s going around you without interrupting your tunes.

+ EAR3 Mobile Amp
+ Charger – USB charging cable
+ Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
+ Audio input cable – USB to 3.5mm cable
+ Clip

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Product Description

Product Description

The iASUS 3rd generation portable amplifier EAR3 has been completely redesigned for today’s mobile media devices. While maintaining the original timeless design and signature aluminum analog volume control, iASUS engineers has redefined the mobile amp once again by incorporating an all-new Variable Background Sound (VBS) mode that allows the user to control the level of background sound that can be heard while listening to personal audio. When VBS mode is enabled, one can enjoy personal audio in urban environments that in the past may have compromised safety. Ideal for cycling, running, snowboarding, skiing and motorcycle riding. The EAR3 is now also compatible with the recent trend of stereo headsets commonly used with smartphones and can be charged using a standard Micro-USB cable.

Product Features

. Variable Background Sound (VBS) Mode
. Stereo headset compatible
. Micro-USB Charging
. Steel clip
. 15 dB volume boost
. Extends playtime of media device by as much as 50%
. Rechargeable Lithium battery (up to 20 hours from one charge)
. Lightweight, pocket friendly profile (6 oz., 2” x 1.4” x 0.6”)
. Compatible with devices bearing 3.5mm audio jack

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