NT3 Throat Mic Headset

The ultimate throat mic headset for gaming, sports, security, industry, and daily handsfree communications.

NT3 THROAT MIC BASIC HEADSET REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ADAPTOR FOR OPERATION (To order standalone adaptors and accessories, please go to our Adaptors and Accessories section.)

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Product Description

IASUS Throat Mics, utilizing advanced transponder technology first developed during World War Two for tank operators, are the most effective communications solution for extreme acoustic conditions. The IASUS Gen 3.0 Noise Terminator transponder picks up only the vibrations generated by the wearer’s larynx, silencing high winds, noisy crowds, engines, and even gunfire. The result: direct, truly noise-free communications.

Product Features

. Comfortable, fully adjustable throat strap with breakaway magnetic clasp
. Tangle-resistant braided cables
. Lightweight acoustic coil earpiece
. Extensive compatibility with a variety of two-way radios, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and PCs
. VOX-capable with compatible radios
. Optional Finger PTT available


Please see compatibility chart.
. * 3.5mm adaptor model is compatible with all generations of iPhone (incl. 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus), Blackberry, Samsung Nexus S, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus 2 (does not have advanced function features proprietary to apple).
. ** Optional Finger PTT works with this the F/GP3 and M2 3.5mm adaptor
. *** 2.5mm adaptor model is compatible with XBox, Mobile, Cordless
. **** Midland CB radios uses the Cobra IASUS adaptor


1-Year Limited Warranty