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The new iASUS O3 is the world’s first washing machine proof earphone. Not only waterproof to IP68 standards, the O3 is designed specifically to be washable as well. You clean your workout gear after training, why not your earphones too? Go hard and get soaked without compromise.

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Product Description

IP68 WATERPROOF STANDARD – Completely waterproof and submersible underwater without damaging the earphones. Most headsets that claim to be “waterproof” are actually water resistant and will not survive anything more than a few drops of water.

DURABLE MACHINE WASHABLE – Designed to withstand the abuse and torque generated from a washing machine’s dry spin cycle. In some cases this can be up to 3000 rpm.

DESIGN – Designed specifically for the application of intense exercise. Not only does it provide excellent full range sound during your work out, it’s ergonomic form is both comportable and secure even during the most rigorous activities.

MULTIPLE EARPIECES – Comes with 5 different sizes of earpieces for best possible sound and fitment experience.

TANGLE FREE WIRES – Flat next-generation tangle free technology and sweat-proof construction ensures ease of use in any situation.

EASY TO CLEAN – Listening to music while running, training, or doing a host of other sporting activities is a given — and so is the disgusting crud, and earwax that can build up on your earphones thanks to sweat and grime. Clean without hesitation to keep your ears from dirt and bacteria that may be harmful overtime if not cleansed properly.

WASH POUCH – The iASUS compact, lightweight washable pouch allows you to easily wash all that crud off. Simply put your dirty earphones into the pouch and wash it with your load of laundry.


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