NT3-R Throat Mic Headset

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The iASUS NT3-R Throat Mic is the current iteration of our Noise Terminator series of headsets for two-way radios, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. The reengineered NT3-R is the communications solution for daily, handsfree communications, paintball, airsoft, motorsports, extreme sports and console and PC gaming.

+ Removable strap ++ for washing
+ Cosmetic update with the iASUS crosshatch design
+ Frontal integrated neck sleeve
+ One size fits all (extension for larger necks)
+ Updated magnetic clasp ++ increased strength

Product Description

+ NT3-R Throat Mic
+ Earpiece – clear, silicon or contour with acoustic coil
+ Add optional adaptor

All iASUS throat microphones utilize our Noise Terminator transponder, which is based on technology developed by the military during WWII. Most typical headset communication systems rely on the conventional boom microphone, which uses air as a medium of sound conduction. This traditional method is ineffective in extreme conditions such as high-noise and high-wind environments. The iASUS Gen 3.0 Noise Terminator transponder picks up only voice signals by absorbing the vibrations generated from within the user’s neck, without using air as a medium of conduction. In doing so, the transponders are able to effectively eliminate the transmission of anything other than voice signals. The result is direct voice communication free from environmental and wind noise.


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