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NT3-R BK2 Throat Mic Headset


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The NT3-R BK2 Throat Mic headset for special tactical applications featuring the NT3-R Gen 3.0 transponder in military matte-black, a unique stealth ops acoustic coil, a reinforced neck strap along with tangle-resistant braided cables. The Black Ops 2 Throat Mic system can be paired with an optional finger PTT for in-glove usability or a CNC-machined magnesium sniper PTT with MOLLE-spec Tiger clip. With a wide variety of options and fitments, the Black Ops 2 Throat Mic is built with professional combat-ready materials for users requiring tough, reliable tactical communications equipment. — More Information

+ Removable strap
+ Cosmetic update with the new IASUS crosshatch design
+ One size fits all (purchase the neck strap extension here for larger necks)
+ Updated magnetic clasp ++ increased strength

Product Description

APPLICATIONS (not limited to)
+ Law Enforcemnet
+ Military
+ Construction
+ Motorcycle
+ Auto Racing
+ Landscaping
+ Paragliding
+ Skydiving
and more…

+ NT3-R BK2 Throat Mic
+ Earpiece – black, silicon or contour with acoustic coil
+ Add optional adaptor

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